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Jorge Sebastiao

CTO and Cyber Security Expert

A seasoned CTO, with experience in AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Disaster Recovery, Bigdata, &managed services professional focused on business value. Jorge As delivered advice in several AI, ML, ICO, STO with comprehensive understanding of technology disruption effects caused by both Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain technology. He created the process A6 of security: Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer, Awareness and Agility. He architects practical & business focused solutions using standards and industry best practices, designed SLAs to meet today’s business resiliency using cloud computing & managed services business requirements. Mr. Sebastiao has been the speaker at numerous international conferences with topics including: Blockchain, AI, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Big Data, & Managed Services.
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Kevin Wilson

SAP Industry & Traceability Expert

As a 25 year veteran in SAP, Kevin has led the way in leveraging many of SAP's solutions in innovative ways. A focus on “Doing it Right, First” enables clients to benefit from a faster ROI and lower TCO. Kevin, the founder of ERPGenie.COM (formerly SAPGenie), pioneered the way for many in the industry, by freely sharing key pieces of info with the community. Even today, he continues with this focus on sharing his knowledge with others through the website, speaking and authoring engagements.

Kevin and his colleagues are experts in what they do but they pride themselves in leaving folks, not only in a better place from a solution standpoint, but also from a personal "knowledge-gain" standpoint

Kevin Wilson is a Principal SAP Solution Engineer with a primary focus of facilitating solutions for companies experiencing Supply Chain process and traceability challenges. His solutions cover the various applicable toolsets provided by SAP to accomplish real value, whether it is SAP Workflow, SAP Global Batch Traceability (GBT), SAP NetWeaver PI, SAP EDI / ALE / IDoc, ABAP, SAP Object Event Repository (OER), SAP Transportation Management or SAP Event Management (EM). Since 1996 he has utilized these skill sets to help many companies automate their processes and more recently bringing traceability solutions (Track and Trace) through SAP Event Management and SAP OER.

He is an active leader in the SAP Event Management community as the Influence Council representative working with fellow users and SAP to help better the product and also moderates the SAP EM forum on SAP SCN. Kevin is also a very active thought leader and evangelist in both the Traceability and EDI areas and manages the popular portal EDIGenie.COM with exclusive EDI related content.

Kevin speaks regularly at user group meetings and at conferences and has spoken in Massachusetts, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Czech Republic, Brazil and France. He regularly gives webinars and training sessions to users on all topics in his area of expertise including SAP Event Management, SAP EM / TM Integration, SAP OER, SAP Workflow, SAP EDI / ALE / ABAP and Supply Chain Management.

Kevin runs several other SAP related on-line communities including ERPGenie.COM and the SAP Community Network’s SAP Event Management Forum.


  • Bachelor’s Degree - Computer Science, Mathematics (1990 - University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
  • Diploma in Project Management (1995 - Cum Laude – School of Project Management, South Africa)


  • Expert / Evangelist: SAP EM (SAP Event Management) design, configuration and development with 15+ implementations (since 2006). Expert in SAP EM / TM integration
  • Expert: SAP OER (Object Event Repository) – Product Tracking & Authentication with 2+ implementations
  • Expert / Evangelist: EDI / IDoc config, development, installation and mapping with 8+ full cycle implementations (since 1999)
  • Expert: ABAP, IDocs, dialog, reports, BAPIs, control framework, … “ABAP”ing since 1996
  • Expert: Workflow setup, development and configuration. Development of custom roles, workflow templates, workflow related reporting, objects, methods, … “Workflow”ing since 1996
  • Expert: Certified Blockchain Expert
  • Expert: ALE config and development with 5 full cycle implementations. “ALE”ing since 1996
  • Expert: SAP GBT (Global Batch Traceability) with internal SAP training
  • Strong: Process Observer with SAP OPInt integration knowledge
  • Strong: SAP NetWeaver PI interfaces with 1 full cycle implementation
  • Strong: Functional areas, including SAP TM, BW, SD, MM, FI / CO, QM, WM, AFS


Recent publications

  • See personal “ERPGenie Founder BLOG

Professional Writing:

Professional Speaking:

  • Presented ALE paper at international ALE user group in Boston, 1998
  • Presented many SAP Event Management papers at ASUG and SAP Insider Conferences (USA, Europe and South America)
  • Presented 3hr boot camp session on “Serialized Track and Trace” - SAP Insider SCM conference (2012)

Professional Community presence:

  • Co-Founder (1999) and webmaster of an extensive SAP portal (ERPGenie.COM) providing practical information to fellow SAP and ERP consultants. Kevin’s focus is on education and knowledge sharing
  • Founder of the SAP EM LinkedIn Forum – Over 660 members
  • Established and moderator of the SCN SAP EM forum
  • Moderator for the SCN SAP EM wiki
  • Chairperson of the SAP Event Management Influence Council, 2008
  • Co-chairperson of ALE User Group (South Africa), 1998
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Dr. Martin Kraus

Aerospace & Defense

Born in 1962, Martin Kraus holds an engineering degree and a PhD in Aeronautical Sciences from the Technical University of Munich.
In his career, he worked 20 years in Airbus Defence with functions in Engineering and Program Management, finally as VP of a large Program Unit in Airbus Defence.

In 2009, he became SVP Engineering of the BU Air Defence and Naval Systems within the Rheinmetall Group. In 2015, he became CEO of the BU.

Since 2017, Martin is working in the consulting business. He founded Jonathan Management Consulting GmbH in Zurich/Switzerland. Also, he is co-founder of ACTRANS GmbH, a Munich-based consulting firm with an A&D focus.

Martin provides support in program management and engineering. He is strong in project crisis recovery but has also supported due diligences and M&A projects.
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Kraus, Martin

Karl F. Schmidt

Industry 4.0 Specialist

Karl Friedrich Schmidt is a serial-entrepreneur and business enabler with more than 20 years’ experience in organizational and business development and the consulting of multi/nationals as well as SME. He owned companies that were specialized in management and IT Consulting (mainly SAP) for Machinery and Automotive and helps now start-ups finding a proper path in to the market.

As a lecturer at University for Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern for “Industry 4.0” he now concentrates in evangelizing Industry 4.0 and integration of the shop floor level into main company processes including the development and implementation of modern IT-solutions.


Accelcon Consulting Saarbrücken/Germany

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Schmidt, Karl Friedrich

Rolf Dittberner

Airport and Aviation Strategist

Rolf Dittberner, born 1948, is a passionate civil engineer and has a AAA reputation in airport planning and execution. In the past 40 years he was in responsible roles in the field of project management, project coordination and supervision for many critical airport projects, amongst them over 20 years with Frankfurt Airport where he managed with absolute competence to avoid the problems that caused the infamous delays in Berlin now.

Rolf Dittberner is a Senior Civil Engineer with now 40 years of experience in the field of project management, project coordination and supervision for a wide variety of projects, including more than 20 years with Frankfurt Airport.

His responsibilities included establishing, monitoring & review of detailed project schedules to ensure compliance and consistency with approved master schedules and master plan; project pre-implementation of planning as well as procurement steps in order to meet the project goals.

His reputation makes him still a welcome advisor at decision making levels in the aviation business that allows him to maintain a large and influencial network.

Examples of activities where he was in charge of are:

  •  negotiation of planning and procurement steps and phases and ensuring of compliance

  •  reporting of progress figures and others such as of contract, changes, budget etc.

  •  identifying any possible conflict during pre-implementation, execution and recommendation how to overcome these conflicts (risk management)

  •  regular monitoring of progress, contract and budget figures as well as reporting procedures

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Mallik Vempati

Expert in Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

For more than 30 years Mallik Vempati enjoyed a career in aerospace & aviation whereof 20 years in service for the Indian Air Force as aircraft engineer for maintenance, modifications, structural repairs, service bulletins, system integration, technical services and IT.

The last decade he spent in designing and marketing IT solutions and concepts for airlines and airports as AVP at one of the largest international IT service providers based in India.

  • 30 years of aerospace & aviation experience: 20 Years in the Indian Air Force and More than 10 Years in IT
  • Aircraft engineering and maintenance, servicing, modifications, structural repairs, service bulletins, system integration, Technical Services
  • IT –Airlines, Airports,  Aerospace & Defence, Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).
  • Consulting Assignments for global aerospace companies in MRO, Due Diligence
  • Digital Solutions: MRO, Aircraft, Airlines and Airports
  • Design Thinking 
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Hans Sleijpen

Data Mining and Data Visualization Advisor

Hans Sleijpen, born in 1965, has 30+ years’ experience in business control and business consultancy, both in the private sector (e.g. large chemicals producer) and the public sector (large public health group).  During the last 5 years he focused on data mining and data visualization, retrieving and disclosing valuable insights for customers again in the private and public sector, using tools like Power BI and RapidMiner based on an insight driven approach within a service-oriented architecture, supporting them in their digital transformation process



  • Managing Partner Mining Corporation, Heerlen, The Netherlands 
  • Consulting Director Value Mined, Valkenburg aan de Geul, The Netherlands 


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Marco Stikvoort

Process Improvement Advisor
Born in 1956 and started working in 1976, I have a 40+ year long track record in IT and logistics.  The continuous changes, from increasing integration until the current flexibilisation, form an ongoing challenge. After joining some outstanding firms, I (co-)owned several consultancy firms specializing in project management (waterfall-agile) and process improvement (SAP implementation – Lean Six Sigma). Now I focus on new business forms, using systems theory, data driven approaches, service oriented architecture and finite economy/ecology ideas.
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Johannes Volckmann

IT Service Management Advisor

Johannes Volckmann born 1961 in Locarno, Switzerland and a learned Mathematician. He excels in organizational restructuring of organizations n the light of Digital Transformation as an expert in standards like ISO-20000, ITIL and more
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Michael Fuchs

Financial Change Management

Michael Fuchs, Managing Partner of Informatis has 25 years of IT consulting experience. He managed and accompanied as executive consultant large scale consolidations, restructurings and mergers and acquisitions for global market leaders. With his IT and financial know how, he supports international IT mergers and acquisitions projects across the departments.
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Jasper Bhaumick

IT Transformation Strategy and Execution

Jasper Bhaumick, born 1971, has a record of 20 years in the IT. After his successful studies of Business and Economics he started his career as a business consultant in the SAP area. In 2003 he became the CIO of a famous German defense company. After 12 years and two further CIO positions at a top wind turbine producer and a large German hospital group, he switched back to the consulting side.

As co-founder of 3Txpert GmbH and managing partner of UMa Soft GmbH he is responsible for strategic IT migration projects and for executive management consulting. He is directly and hands-on involved in migrations, carve-outs and the redesign of processes until their successful completion.

Managing Partner UMa Soft, Zurich, Switzerland

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Gerald Gradwell

SAP Technology Guru

Born in 1954 in Canada, Gerald is a technically sophisticated and highly analytical SAP Professional offering more than 30 years of extensive experience in IT services and consulting. Armed with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, he set forth to find the magic in all areas of computing, and that search for the magic continues to this day.


Contact information

SAP Technology Guru

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Lynton Grice

Integration Expert

Lynton Grice, born 1979, is a passionate programming artist with close to 20 years of integration and programming experience who is well known amongst his peers as a “troubleshooting and debugging master” and often called upon to solve very complex technical issues and advise decision makers on technology trends and strategy and lead their team of technical resources.

Although the majority of his experience is within the SAP ecosystem, Lynton is more than comfortable getting his hands dirty in a large array of program development in order to solve a business problem giving him outstanding experience to the intrigue of all sort of software development.

Lynton is extremely passionate about what he does and has enjoyed the last 16 years developing and integrating systems within the SAP ecosystem. A true techie at heart, Lynton is not scared of getting his hands dirty in a huge array of languages, tools and frameworks in order to deliver quality solutions to customers. Along his journey Lynton has made some incredible friendships and connections in the industry and is now trying to leverage these quality relationships to help build a brand that people and companies want to associate themselves with...and have fun at the same time!

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Ralf Schirrmacher

Airport and Aviation Strategist

Ralf Schirrmacher, born 1961, has a long experience record of lead roles in aviation and airport building projects. He started his career with Frankfurt and Munich Airport and then brought his skills and knowledge to many airport projects all over the world.

Ralf Schirrmacher has 20 years of experience in strategic airport development from the perspective of many different stakeholders (airport planner, airport builder, airport owner, airport operator, airlines, providers of services and infrastructure and regulatory bodies like government and aviation-related international organizations). He understands that successful and smooth operations of an airport as perpetual management and improvement driven by innovation. Its success depends widely on the well-coordinated and orchestrated setup of the airport stakeholders in order to achieve valuable results timely and at costs in line with budget targets.

Aside of the educational and academic background a profound understanding of the economic context played a vital role in past when doing corporate strategy development. This includes the leveraging factor of an adequate utilization of information technology and its infrastructure especially in airport and airline-related environments.

Applied multi-project and program management within the right methodological framework allow him to keep track on schedules and resources at expected quality of services and can give right answers and reports for the varying needs of individual stakeholders.

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Dr.Bill Limond

Head of Strategy

Bill Limond is Global Board-level 'trouble-shooter' who delivers businesses out of trouble and provides failing organisations with lasting, tailored solution. To achieve this he acts as interim CIO who can safely deliver Digital Business Transformation, Excellence & Competitive Edge.

Dr. Bill Limond acts business agnostic having worked for industries like Healthcare; Finance; Insurance; Aerospace; Defence; Manufacturing: Glass, Auto, Construction, Steel, Insulation, Paper, Print; Oil and Gas; Energy; Nuclear; Utilities; Transport; Telecoms; FMCG; Retail, Auto; Services; Household & Personal Products; SC-Cleared Central, Local Government, Property; Audit, mainly in UK, all Europe, Gulf area and Asia.

He currently covers the latest challenges on GDPR, DPO, Compliance Advice/Support, Delivery as well as on M&A. His record shows the creation of CXO Roles in over 10 merged organisations. Initiated & managed outsourced IT for 10 companies. Dr. Bill Limond Experienced CIO, Transformational change Program Director delivers businesses out of trouble & provides failing organisations with lasting, tailored solution.

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Ravi Ramanathan

Management Coach for Digital Transformation

Ravi Ramanathan is a senior management mentor who teaches in his own way the needs and skills for next generation technology.

Ravi Ramanathan is a senior management mentor who teaches in his own way the needs and skills for next generation technology.


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Axel Angeli

Digital Transformation Evangelist

Axel Angeli, born 1961, created his own management consultancy Logosworld in 1984 and since then he travels the world to successfully enable CEOs and CIOs to find practical and efficient ways for their digital strategy and help them define the proper future technology investments.

His career started with AI research in medical sciences and over a long period as SAP guru and rescue expert he eventually became a protagonist for Ultra-Large Distributed Computing System that are the basis for Digital Transformation and Big Data Architecture.

Being a well-known conference keynote speaker and book author, he helps now enterprises to find the best return on their IT investments and making sense of trends like the Internet of Things, SOA, Big Data, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing.

Since 2004 Axel Angeli uses his international network to help Indian companies liaising with business partners in Europe; on the reverse he shows European entrepreneurs how to determine opportunities in India, Middle-East, China and Africa by building symbiotic partnerships.

Axel Angeli represents the India ESC Electronic and Software Export Promotion Council ( and Indiasoft/Globalsoft Exhibition ( in Germany and builds the liaison to political circles in Europe. He is a Board Member of TiE Deutschland esponsible for Public relations.




Contact information

Axel Angeli, born 1961, created his own management consultancy Logosworld in 1984 and since then he travels the world to successfully enable CEOs and CIOs to find practical and speedy ways for their digital strategy and help them define the proper future technology investments.

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Angeli, Axel
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