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Everything you expect from a service company must be trusted

Logosworld is a "Bureau of Engineers" with a traditional German quality mind set. Our people are top-level management advisors helping complex IT organizations finding the right strategy for future and a clean path through the technology jungle.

Logosworld has now specialized in project evaluation, realignment and rescue for complex IT organizations with the goal to find the right strategy for the Digital Future and to design a clean path through the technology jungle. 

Logosworld is a loose association of like-minded specialists and specialized companies in the field of Innovative Technologies. Members of the Logosworld association work together on an ad hoc basis as a consortium to fulfil a project. Logosworld has been created in 1997 by Axel Angeli of Logos! Informatik Germany. Its main business is mentoring IT departments to align their services with the needs of business and develop their organisation to be prepared for future requirements. Since computers are found in every technology nowadays the majority of Logosworld works is around making software work surrounded by the necessary project methodology.

Our origin are mission-critical SAP implementations and we take pride in being amongst the early proponents of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Cloud Computing and Big-Data technology as the ground works for the IT of the future. 
Logosworld works with a minimum of permanent staff that frees as from any pressure to generate projects for our personnel. Our workforces are recruited on demand from within our partner and alumni network to select from the world's best advisors and subject experts.